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Reasons Why We’re Running?

We’ve been asking those who’ve registered “why are you running?”… and the responses will get you motivated!

Josie, Running Half Marathon

To improve my mental health and to support Beyond Blue to continue supporting others.

Sharlene, Running 5km

Learning to run during lockdown for something to focus on.

Rosie, Running 10km

Great charity! Running helps my mental and physical health while enjoying fresh air.

Brydie, Running Half Marathon

I run to become stronger.

Monica, Running 10km

I am running for myself, for my family and for the hundreds of people dealing with mental health issues at the moment!

Evie, Running 5km

To support Beyond Blue and all the amazing work they’re doing, especially in these difficult times!!

Alex, Running Half Marathon

To raise awareness on mental health issues, donations for Beyond Blue and to challenge myself physically and mentally.

Thihan, Running 10km

To support health care workers who’ve put everyone else in front of themselves else during this pandemic and always.

Anil, Running 5km

I just want to make awareness around my friends and family to show them it is very important and there is no shame to talk about it.

Tayla, Running 10km

The goal is to run 10 kms in 2021, and running for a good cause.

Camille, Running Half Marathon

I’m a supporter if Beyond Blue. Our current society is struggling. Training for this will be good for me, and hopefully will give me a chance to spread a little more awareness.

Jaclyn, Running 5km

The pandemic has really effected lots of people so this is my way of giving back!

Nick, Running Half Marathon

It’s amazing for my mental health and I love the feeling of challenging my mind and body when I go for a run.

Jo, Running 10km

I am joining this race to have a goal to strive for, not being a runner this will push me out of comfort zone, doing with friends and for a good cause!

Rachael, Running 5km

To celebrate the resilience of people who live with mental health conditions.

Melissa, Running Half Marathon

Because is makes me feel powerful, happy and connected.